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Pissing off the planet

may not have been the smartest thing.

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Birthdate:Jan 2
Location:United States of America
The President and CEO of Shin-Ra Electric Power Company, Rufus used to be an ambitious, greedy, and ruthless individual. However, after seeing how his father's company nearly destroyed the planet, he has since come to terms with the idea of being globally and socially responsible.

Although the name "Shin-Ra" still carries a stigma, Rufus is working hard to rebuild the company that was destroyed by WEAPON. This time, though, Shin-Ra Electric will use renewable resources and dedicate more of its efforts towards improving the lives of the people.

He is currently still recovering from his bout with Geostigma, but he remains determined to gain trust by building needed public services and supporting the World Regenesis Organization.

((OOC: Looking for literate FFVII roleplayers, but will do crossovers from other places. Please PM me if you'd like to play and we can work something out.))
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